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Most people have some kind of an estate, which includes personal possessions and assets. Some of those assets can potentially be with family members or business partners, and it’s important to be clear on how to pass those things down in a properly organized manner. So, estate planning means making a plan and naming the recipients of the assets, be it individuals or organizations. It also includes making sure that the plan is clear and easy to carry out after you’re gone.

Trusts detail the management and distribution of one’s assets during their life and after death. A will, on the other hand, allows one to name guardians for their children, appoint an executor or administrator for the estate, and declare one’s final wishes and conditions.

A revocable living trust determines who will inherit the property when the owner dies. Typically, living trusts are revocable because you can change them over time if you change your mind, as long as you are competent. An irrevocable trust can’t usually be changed, unless there’s a court order or all the trust's beneficiaries have expressed their approval.

Benefits of Revocable Living Trust:

  • Estate planning for same-sex couple and their families
  • Helps avoid the delays and cost of probate proceedings
  • Helps maintain your privacy when it comes to financial affairs
  • A trust can provide instructions for how you would want your financial affairs handled in case of disability
  • Protect your family’s wealth
  • Help handle estate tax
  • Provide protection for children or loved ones if they are susceptible to reckless  spending or financial predators
  • Help with estate planning for a blended family

What is the benefit of estate planning?

An estate plan can minimize the future expenses, delays in proceedings and protect one’s privacy. Well thought-out paperwork will make certain procedures easier. Normally, an estate plan includes instructions for providing for one’s family, minimizing taxes, proper distribution of assets and how to protect them.

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