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Achieve your goals and address your concerns with estate planning services from Gemma Law Office, P.C. in Braintree, Massachusetts. Wills and trusts are important vehicles you can use to reach your estate planning goals. Whether you choose to employ the use of a trust depends upon your assets and your specific objectives. At Gemma Law Office, P.C., we offer a free initial consultation to discuss how wills, various types of trusts, and other estate planning documents can help you create an ideal estate planning attorney Boston MA

Benefits of Revocable Living Trust:

  • Avoid the delays and cost of probate proceedings
  • Maintain privacy about your family’s financial affairs
  • Plan for disability; a trust can include a set of instructions for how you would want financial matters to be handled
  • Protect your surviving loved ones from creditors or financial predators
  • Prevent you and your spouse from unintentionally disinheriting your children
  • Promote and implement your intentions and goals
  • Encourage values in children such as self-sufficiency, financial stability and charitable giving
  • Provide protection for children or loved ones susceptible to reckless or ill-advised spending
  • Protect yourself and your family’s assets from lawsuits and divorce judgments
  • Provide estate planning for same-sex couple families
  • Provide estate planning for a blended family
  • Protect and supplement the needs of an individual with a disability or special needs
  • Protect, maintain and build your family’s wealth for future generations
  • Accomplish your estate tax planning goals

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