Will Contests, Probate Administration Disputes, and Trust Litigation

I represent clients in a wide variety of will contests, trust litigation, and probate disputes, including the following types of representation:

Will Contests

Will contests may concern the existence of a will, and if there is more than one will, which will is the “valid” will, whether the testator was “of sound mind” when the will was made, or whether undue influence was exerted when the will was made.

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Probate Administration Disputes

In some instances, those serving as the personal representatives may not be properly fulfilling their roles. They may not be providing information in a timely manner to beneficiaries. They may not be properly administering assets, which may lead to decreasing asset values. They may not have the financial capability to manage the assets properly. They may even be favoring themselves to the detriment of other beneficiaries.

In these circumstances, immediate action is often required to prevent loss. I am available to represent those who are being harmed as a result of poor or negligent probate administration.

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Trust Disputes

Trustees must carefully manage trusts as fiduciaries and in accordance with the terms of the trust. Unfortunately, this does not always occur.

Trustees may take actions that are motivated more by their personal interests and profit than for the welfare of trust beneficiaries. In some cases, they may simply not have the financial ability to manage assets properly in the first place. I am available to represent beneficiaries in trust dispute matters.

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Litigation Against Personal Representatives and Trustees

Serving as a personal representative can be an overwhelming and time-consuming job. I am available to represent personal representatives when they are sued (or threatened with a lawsuit) concerning their administrative duties, and when a beneficiary is seeking to have them replaced.

Trustees can similarly come under fire from beneficiaries, who may allege wrongful conduct and/or seek their replacement. As an example, a beneficiary may want more than what they are entitled to under a trust, so they may seek to replace a trustee with someone who may be more receptive to their interests.

Additionally, trust beneficiaries may have a significantly of different opinion concerning how trust assets should be invested. These situations can be particularly difficult in cases where a family business is held in a trust.

I am available to represent both personal representatives and trustees when the administration of a trust or estate becomes subject to dispute or litigation.

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If you find yourself in need of representation for a will, probate, or trust dispute, please contact me. I offer a free initial consultation to discuss with you, how my firm can help.